De verkiezingen 2014 in Brussel
25 jaar VGC
2014-18, 100 jaar Groote Oorlog. belicht Brussel vanuit een aparte hoek, montre Bruxelles sur un angle nouveau, beleuchtet Brüssel aus einem besonderen Winckel, throws light on Brussels from unusual angles.

Welcome - Bienvenue - Wilkommen
Welcome to the web site of the Council of the Flemish Community Commission.

The Council of the Flemish Community Commission is, in a manner of speaking, the Parliament of the Flemish people of Brussels.

All Flemish representatives directly elected to the Brussels Regional Parliament have a seat on the Council. At present, there are 17 of them.

They exercise the Community powers of all Dutch-speaking people in Brussels. These powers relate to culture,education, welfare and health care.

In addition, the Flemish people of Brussels have a mini-government: the College of the Flemish Community Commission. This consists of the 3 Flemish ministers in the Brussels Capital Government.

The Council of the Flemish Community Commission is therefore the representative body for Flemish people in Brussels. Of course, its prime task is to reinforce and enhance the impact of the Dutch-speaking presence in Brussels, the capital of Flanders, of Belgium and the European Union. But the Council does not want to do that from a narrow-minded, ghetto mentality. The Council wants to reach out to all the people of Brussels, regardless of their language or origin. And of course, the Council ensures that there are close ties between Brussels and Flanders.

Raad Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie - Lombardstraat 67 - 1000 Brussel
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